Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another early review of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty series comes from the Second World War and jumps into the 21st century fighting in Modern Warfare. CoD as in previous games, players take the roles of the various characters fighting on various fronts, with a computer-controlled squad teammates. Except this time, players fight the war against terrorism and the prospects of a rebound and return from the Middle East to Russia.

Modern Warfare follows the stories of a British Special Air Services (SAS) soldier in Russia and an American Recon soldier fighting in the Middle East. Both scenarios lead to the capture ultranationalist Russian named Imran Zakhaev and his lieutenants, known as Four Horsemen, which threathen to unleash nuclear weapons. Players get thrown in a heart-pounding scenario after another, whether it includes fending off an attack in a small street of Middle East through the open fields in the hope of avoiding detection.
The game offers some of the most astonishing images of any shooter to date, which means that computers will need a heavy configuration, but it's worth it. WBurning buildings or the peaceful calm of the countryside, the world does not get old or repetitive. Armed with a variety of weapons of modern times, ranging from very high-powered sniper rifles to vision goggles at night, the players walking on a variety of scenarios. Not all battles take place on the ground, whatsoever. A mission control allows players to guns on a AC-130 Gunship, sending on destruction to the ant-sized targets below. Missions also branch in different directions depending on the skill of the player. For example, all goes well if the player is able to snipe the guards silently to avoid attention. However, a miss will cause the guard to call for help, and enemies come rain with dogs at their side.

Modern Warfare has a full power of artificial intelligence. Controlled by computer soldiers cover carefully before making their way. What makes the game even more impressive is how believable the act of some of the characters. In one scenario, a person responsible for taking care in the tower.

As in some previous games Call of Duty, there is no health bar. Instead, the edges of the screen become red and fuzzy and the sound of nature's heartbeat is stronger when injured. However, hiding behind cover guarantee to recover all injuries. Although the game has a realistic look and feel, including the ability to shoot through fragile materials such as wood, there are sequences where it feels a bit too arcade like, especially during a high-speed car when the player can't 'shoot the driver of the car in pursuit or blowing its tires. In addition, Modern Warfare uses an automatic system, but does not offer an option to reload the last saved checkpoint. If things go wrong suddenly, the only way to get back at the last save point is either to kill and reload automatically, or to leave and return to the menu.

Multiplayer offers a rich list of options and also works much like a role-playing game. Players increase in rank by wracking up kills and the objectives of experience points. Grades unlock more classes that include different features of the weapon loadouts and called "perks". Finally, players unlock the ability to build a class and can acquire firearms, arrachment, grenades and a maximum of three advantages including radar invisibility. In addition, dying has advantages in multiplayer. The death is followed by a kill cam says that the player's final seconds, as seen through the eyes of the killer. This gives players the opportunity to analyze the style of play and find a way to exact some revenge.

In Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has just about everything anyone might want a shooter. There is an intensive campaign singles player with great characters and an interesting scenario, and he followed with great multiplayer action.


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